I’m Neil Leslie and I’m busy supporting entrepreneurial ideas and talented early stage businesses.

This means I manage, collaborate, develop, nurture, and coach people through objective setting , action planning, and performance tracking.

I’m a credible and accomplished business support, growth, and development manager working in London’s vibrant startup environment.

The expertise and support I offer is underpinned by living and breathing the SME life for over 20 years as a business owner in design, education, and advising. I’ve worked with clients of all sizes, form 1 person social enterprises, corporates such as KPMG, and local authorities like The City of Edinburgh Council.

Partnerships are crucial to success. I’ve successfully built relationships with universities where I’ve worked on incubation and accelerator projects. Third sector work has been delivered as part of government funded projects. I’m also involved in corporate stakeholder relationships to deliver EU funded support.

Currently working with SME clients in the STEM, digital, creative, and sustainability sectors. I love working in the space between management, planning, and design because it’s at the intersections between disciplines where the innovation occurs and responsive, creative self-starters operate.

Sustainability and ethical trading are key interests of mine and many of the people I work with have social and/or environmental goals. 

You can contact me at neil@neilleslie.com and/or connect with me on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/neilleslieenterpriseeducation.