Collage Illustration How I Work

How I work

Here I describe a typical job. The example shown is for an editorial commission however the steps below are the same for almost every job.

  • I will receive the text for the article to be illustrated. I read through it looking for suitable imagery that will tell the story visually. I'm usually looking for two or three key words and/or themes to tell the story rather than trying to illustrate every detail and nuance of the piece.
  • I will then present a rough sketch, shown top, to the client for approval of the idea.
  • On approval of the concept I will then start work on the final illustration. Near completion I'll present a work in progress to make sure everything is going in the right direction.
  • From there, it's usually just a few tweaks and I'm ready to present the final illustration, shown bottom.


The pricing of a job is based on a number of factors. The most common factors are listed below.

  • Usage of the work e.g. front cover, half page, poster, web use etc.
  • The territory here the artwork is to be reproduced e.g. UK, Europe, America, Worldwide etc.
  • Length of illustration usage.